Auracle X 1.8.0 - Adds PlayAUDIO12 and more features.

Check out the new version of Auracle for X Series 1.8.0


Auracle for X-Series 1.8.0 - DMG for Mac

Coming soon: Auracle for X-Series (1.8.0) - EXE for Windows

For 1.8.0, we are integrating support for streamlined audio features of the PlayAUDIO12. This includes full failover control, headphone mixing, and other controls.

  • Full support for the PlayAUDIO12:

    • Two streamlined output configurations: 12 outputs or 10 outputs + stereo headphone mix.

    • Advanced failover configuration settings and failover status monitoring.

    • Scene and preset saving via software instead of needing to save by physical PlayAUDIO12 knob.

  • Revamped firmware upgrade flow:

    • One-click firmware updates from online sources for all supported devices that include firmware updates, which includes the mioXL, mioXM, mio10, mio4, midi10, midi4+, midi2+, and PlayAUDIO12.

    • One-step firmware updates from locally saved firmware files for all supported devices.

  • UI changes:

    • Clear feedback on buttons and actions, such as when saving or loading presets.

    • Ability to rename output ports in MIDI routing pages.

    • Icon and styling changes as part of visual improvements.

  • Bugfixes:

    • Fix bug that caused device name changes to not show up until software restart.

    • Fix bugs that have devices disappear unexpected.

    • Various stability and optimization fixes.


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