Routing External Hardware in Reaper w/ IC4+

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Does anyone have experience with routing external gear with an iConnectivity audio interface in Reaper?  Since the IC4+ routing options are all handled in iConfig, how do I utilize the hardware sends and recieves in Reaper?  FYI, I'm trying to use a stereo reverb pedal on a effects track and have multiple sends going to that effects track.


  • I haven't used reaper a lot but I know iConnectivity gear and DAWs very well.
    Please post some pics of what you are trying to do in REAPER with sends. 
    Are you trying to send out to the interface from reaper and then send back into it, for hardware FX?
  • Hi, just dropped back to the Forum and noticed your comment.  I'll do my best to fill you in - I'm somewhat tecky, but far from a sound engineer!
    Essentially, I was trying to use the Reaper FX send tool within Reaper "ReaInsert" to create a hardware loop (there are tons of videos online).  The only issue is, the IC4+ routings have to be done in iConfig.  I'm guessing a typical USB interface can have it's internal routing controlled by a DAW.  Am I correct in my thinking?  I did some experiementing and I just couldn't get ReaInsert to work like I think it should becasue the IC4+ is very independant.  Having said that, I was able to create routing with iConfig/Reaper to send audio out to a set output - just not create the neat fx loop using ReaInsert.  Is it typical to do some funky track routing to get the same effect?  How about record a "wet" track, then just use it in the mix.  I like the IC4+ and mostly use it for other things like a mixer, MIDI USB converter, soft synth with my phone, etc.  But at this stage, it seems like an "in the box" reverb would be so much simpler!
  • We've looked at DSP type things like your higher end companies do now but then you end up looking at higher end price points too. We also do some unique things in our interfaces that many other companies don't have to deal with. Even simplifying AUDIO routing is more difficult in our interfaces because of the unique ability to route to multiple computers at the same time, and between them and in and out or our gear.
    The AUDIO4+ is more independent because it can be controlled in multiple ways and used standalone without a computer. We wanted to make something super versatile. 
    I think we've chatted in our support system to. I'm not sure if you got things setup after or not.
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