Strange Midi Happenings!

Hi There, I have recently purchased an Audio 4+ to work alongside my Yamaha MoxF8 and Roland Fantom 8 in Cubase AI9.5, After connecting everything up and assigning all the ports, when I open a new project in cubase and add a new midi track, it receives both signals from the Mox and Fantom perfectly, the problem is when I press any of the keys on both of the synths, multiple windows open up on the screen in cubase making it impossible to record anything!, I have tried connecting both through a usb hub, both individually through the din and host port, disconnecting all within Auracle and connecting individually within the daw but to no avail. I know it is not the synths because when I bypass the Audio4+ and connect the Mox directly to the pc, using the built in Mox interface it works seamlessly!, it seems the Audio4+ is sending out random midi commands to cubase triggered through the synth keybeds!, has any body else had this happen!, Is the midi output within the interface corrupted! have I got something wrong If so how did you fix it!, have I got a faulty unit!, I am running the latest software with the latest driver on windows 10, any advice would be most welcome before I raise a support ticket.


  • Could you try running MIDI OX ( ) and get it to do that weird setup and post the MIDI data the monitor brings up?
    Have you tried any other software besides Cubase? Wondering if it would trigger the same windows or not.

  • Hi tsho08, many thanks for your suggestion, the midiox site has been noted for future problems if needed!, i finally located the problem after spending an entire Saturday reading the cubase manual from start to finish!, the pop up windows were being triggered from a rogue midi controller check box that i had accidentally switched on during setup!, after locating it and unchecking, hey presto, the pop up windows stopped, so it was not the 4+ at fault, although the next problem i need to research is why Auracle switches off randomly half way through a session!, best wishes, A.
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