Naming the computer device USB port with MioXL

Greetings: this may be obvious, but there is no port name as far as I can tell for the computer device that is plugged into the USB port on the MioXL. With the MIDI4+, each of the computers plugged in has port names USB1, USB2, USB3, which show up in the Ableton MIDI preferences. With the MioXL there is no such port name for the one computer that is plugged into USB. I have an RPT configuration between three computers, so on the host computer connected via USB, I am using an RTP connection assigned as a "Responder" in order to have a port name for sending and receiving MIDI to the other two computers. However, I imagine there is a better way of doing this.
What is the preferred method? 
Thanks and happy holidays... Randall Packer


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