Future plans for audio interfaces?

Hi there, 

I’m a long-time user of the iConnectAUDIO2+ and can’t help but feel a little worried about the future of support for the audio interface devices offered by iConnectivity. I see that most products have been retired, leaving only 1 audio interface left - the PlayAudio12, which offers no analog input capability. For traditional producers like myself who utilize hardware synths, guitars, etc. into their recording process, I’m not sure what to do with that. Not that there isn’t a need for some folks to have a reliable failover tool, but it seems a major miss to do away with all interfaces that have analog ins. Additionally, I don’t see any news on Big Sur Mac OS support for iConfig/Auracle after 3 months of waiting...other audio companies have gone through this process and generally offered Big Sur updates and fixes relatively quickly. Even these forums are filled with spam posts and bots on every page, showing a lack of engagement from iConnectivity.

In the end, I think that the concept of a pass-through audio and midi interface like the iConnectAUDIO2+ and 4+ is an absolutely brilliant idea, It’s been a major game changer for my workflow to easily incorporate hardware instruments and iOS apps into my laptop’s DAW with a multi-device interface like this, and it would be a real shame to see these products just fade away without any replacement. It’s discouraging to see basically no new activity from the company to indicate continued support of this idea. 

I’m wondering if I will need to investigate different options now, or if anyone else already has moved on and can offer suggestions of devices that fill a similar role? I can’t seem to find any other interfaces that offer multi-device connections and audio/midi passthrough like this.


  • Sorry about the bots. I lock up the forum and people have a hard time getting in. I release the controls a bit and bots take over. I've hopefully cleaned them out now.

    You will see something new in the AUDIO interface world, with inputs, very soon.

    For compatibility,  we should have Auracle X with AUDIO4+ controls out VERY soon, probably this week and AUDIO2+ will be very similar and release slightly after.
    Auracle X is fully working with Big Sur. I'm currently on 11.2 right now using it. 
    iConfig does work on Big Sur but if you are using a high end display like Apple's retina displays you will have issues on the mixer tab.
    Again moving to Auracle X should help this.

    We planned to have our replacement out before the end of the stock and having to retire our previous gen but many factors delayed the production of the new replacement and COVID is oddly the smallest portion of that.

    Hope everyone is well and staying safe on the COVID front as well.

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