Hub to Hub

Hi there,
I just got the Audioconnect4+ and I've tested the audio routing and it's great, especially sending audio in computer to ipad and vice versa for sampling from youtube or whatsoever. Now I'm testing the midi configuration.
I'm currently using a non-power small usb hub. Connected are keystep, nanokontrol and a hub which consists of pulse2, digitakt and digitone. Everything except the digitakt is recognised under midi info. This is strange as since the other 3 are also on the hub. Any ideas why?
This is so as the devices on the hub are built into a case and I would hope not to have individual usb cables running out of the box.
On that note, Is it also possible to have an interconnect between say the keystep in iCA4 midihost and then into a raspberry pi? The reason for this is the devices are connect with a rpi as a midi host within the case. So an interconnect would mean I won't have to un-re-plug cables.
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