Midi note filtering not working as expected?

hi there

I have an Avalon Bassline 303 synth. It's connected by USB to my Mac and set up in logic on Midi channel 1 in the external instrument plugin.

I can play it as a synth or use it's internal sequencer and record the notes into Logic - all fine.

However, when I use it's own internal sequencer to generate note patterns then those notes are sent to my other external instruments if I click on their track in Logic. 

I want to stop this happening so I have tried to set up note on / off filtering e.g. my Nord lead is on channel 5 so I filter all notes off except for midi channel 5 - and the Avalon Bassline is on midi channel 1 so this should work? But the Nord lead plays the notes from the Avalon (other synths on different midi channels also do the same).

I thought I could filter this behaviour out? The only way I can find to stop it happening is to stop the Avalon sending to Logic entirely as a destination over RTP.

Appreciate any help!
Cheers, Simon


  • maybe not helpful but a few years ago i confused input and output filters in iConfig.
    To avoid sending notes on non channel 5 to your Nord Lead you have to configere the OUTPUT filter of the iConnectivity port that is plugged to your Nord Lead's MIDI IN
    (Input and output is always from iConnectivities point of view)

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