IConfig iOS

2 bugs that have appeared in the latest version ,
1. The reserved field has disappeared from the usb host area of midi info section
2. Unable to save or load any settings , don’t know if they are saving but the load list is empty. 
Some people rely on this app , please sort it.


  • it really is annoying that you dont still support this app.
  • I agree with @wul.  Why is there no support for iConfig on iOS, especially since there is no other option for controlling on an iPad?

    9 times out of 10, iConfig on iOS doesn't recognize my ICA4+, even though it is powering my iPad and connecting to audio and midi just fine.  And if I do get it to recognize the device, it can lose connection at any time even though the interface continues to work.  I just need to get to basic settings and I'm shut out without hooking up a laptop to do so.

    Any hope for an Auracle on iOS?  Something is needed.
  • This is a legit question. I'll give you the straight answer on this. 
    iConfig was created by a previous developer many years ago and it was able to stay working on iOS for a while but when Apple switched to 64 bit only it caused problems for the iConfig, iConfig for AUDIO apps.
    At this point we started on new software and didn't have the developer for the previous iConfig software. We pulled iConfig and iConfig for AUDIO from the appstore and made the software open source online, in case someone wanted to take on that challenge.
    We had a lot of reports from users being upset that it was pulled because some had it working still. We put it back up in the store just for those who could get it working. Honestly I've never had it working since that change over.
    We are talking about when we can get Auracle X (currently only on desktop) to iOS. 
    This new software is built much better and will be easier to port than iConfig was.
    Sorry for that inconvenience.
  • Thanks for the straight answer. We look forward to anything you could do.
    Even a scaled back version of Auracle would be helpful for a start.
  • One last thought on something that could be a bandaid until you can get a full-blown version of iOS Auracle together.  Even if there was a way to put a simple app together that allowed users to select presets on the ICA, it would at least allow us to pull up different mixer and midi settings that we defined on our PCs. 

    I definitely want the full Auracle on iOS, but my biggest issue is simply not being able to change settings for different recording and live applications within iOS without being connected to a PC.  

    Just an idea toward getting to some sort of workable solution in a shorter timeframe.
  • @tsho08
    Just realized Auracle only allows for a single preset on an ICA4+, so my above idea wouldn't work on it. 
    Any possibility of adding basic MIDI control to the mixer settings on your Audio interfaces? That would give us a way to use a 3rd party MIDI UI app on iOS, or an external control surface to at least control the mixer settings without the need for a dedicated iOS app.  It seems like this would be a nice feature for PC/Mac users, as well.  Win/Win without developing specifically for iOS.
  • MIDI control is something I've been throwing in our developers minds since the start of Auracle X. It is in the roadmap and I will continue to keep it in the priority list. This is a common request and one I would personally love.
    There are a few more things ahead of it, that need to be addressed in Auracle X first but MIDI control is definitely in the list. We've spoken a bit about it this past week in more detail.
  • Cool. Just remember that it would go a long way toward giving iOS users a level of control that they don't currently have now.  Plenty of iOS apps out there that would allow us to make a virtual mixer control, or connect up a Korg NanoKontrol/Studio for actual fader control of ICA mixer I/O.
  • I can officially say that MIDI control/learning is in a list of added for Auracle X now.
    It's made it's way to top 5 big adds.
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    I'll second that 'Thanks' for a straight answer.  I thought from the beginning that iConnect was not the best implementation of a GUI for a hardware DIN/USB MIDI device.  (I came from the MOTU/Opcode world of MIDI v1.0 still using those old ADB cables) I remember spending hours trying to wrap my head around the mapping of DIN i/o to USB virtual ports and bugging Nick for confirmation whether I was 'doing it right' or not.  Now we learn it was a rather 'proprietary' attempt by a single dev...
  • If anyone has recommendations of things that could be changed in our newer Auracle X software that would help you understand the routings and GUI better, please give me ALL the ideas. They may not come to light BUT a piece of the idea might make things better even. We listen to feedback very closely. We look at our overall user base and try and do what's best based on that. We interfaces that have so much, in terms of options, we do have to do things in a unique way sometimes.
    We love the iOS community and wished Apple put as much work on the audio and MIDI side there as they do on their computers. Maybe one day they will. You know the story from the info I've posted above. 
    Again let me know if you have any ideas. 
    Note: at some point we may look for BETA tester on iOS. When we do I'll post looking for people in the forum here. We currently have some BETA testing for unreleased features for mio X series interfaces and starting a testing group for Auracle X on Windows. We are testing on our side but Windows machines run across a large library of hardware and software combinations and the more we can test the better we can catch any issue before they happen.

  • I'm a simple man, don't know much about software, I just want to be able to use my iconnect Audio 4+ as the interface for live performance with my ipad, because that's why I bought the gosh darn device to begin with.

    I don't use Auracle on my mac, I use iconnectivity iconfig on Catalina 10.15.6. I must say iconfig works well on mac, although it gives me a headache to look at that GUI and I always feel dumb after finally finding the routing solution I needed. 

    On ios 14.8.1 - I use Auidobus as the environment to play my ios apps with my MIDI keyboard controller. This also works, however, If I am only using  ios, I cannot utilize the headphone output at all. If I want to hear audio through my headphones, I have to have my Mac plugged into the interface at the same time, giving me the option to use iconfig. 

    So the software is open-source now, Ok. I know what that means, but I don't understand how that furthers the project. Can we ask some benevolent musician-software engineer to start a kickstarter or something? I want to believe in iconnectivity, it's so close to being everything I need, but I feel like I'm one software update away from having to completely re-think my setup, and I can't handle that kind of instability in my life right now.  

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    Dear friends,
    As a user of the iConnectMIDI4 I would like to keep using it with my IPad. I therefore forked the iConfig repo on github and created a new XCode project for the iOSiConnectivityiConfig. I made the needed changes to compile it and debugged it.
    Developers are kindly invited to have a look at the outcome. I am using my software this moment on my IPad.
  • @koprisch
    is "benevolent musician-software engineer" you've been searching for. Maybe you'll see some great person like him release an option in the future.
    He's been kind enough to send me a message about what he's doing right now on the iOS iConfig side. Maybe we will see something cool.
  • There is now an app available for beta testing that builds on the open sourced code of iConfig for iOS. I called it reConfig.
    If you like to participate in testing you might drop me a personal message with an E-Mail address associated to an AppleID to be used with Testflight - the official beta test support app by Apple.
  • I got a first look today and it looks like our friend has revive the iOS app, which is awesome. I'll test it more, let's see what we can make happen.
  • I finished a version of what I call reConfig for iOS. It is made from the code that iConnectivity open sourced on GitHub. I fixed the issues that prevented it working for me, fixed the two issues reported in this forum (load and save of configurations, missing USB port reservations) and changed some of the colors and the icons. 
    It is now available on the Apple App Store as "reConfig" for free. I hope it is useful to some of you using your iConnectMIDI4+ and iConnectMIDI2+ in setups controlled by iOS devices.
  • mabu4ch said:
    I finished a version of what I call reConfig for iOS. It is made from the code that iConnectivity open sourced on GitHub. I fixed the issues that prevented it working for me, fixed the two issues reported in this forum (load and save of configurations, missing USB port reservations) and changed some of the colors and the icons. 
    It is now available on the Apple App Store as "reConfig" for free. I hope it is useful to some of you using your iConnectMIDI4+ and iConnectMIDI2+ in setups controlled by iOS devices.
    And here's the link to the AppStore https://apps.apple.com/ch/app/reconfig/id1605377681?l=en
  • There is a reConfig4Audio ready for beta testing. It has all the fixes that were carried out for reConfig and can be used if you experience problems with iConfig4Audio (for some it seems to continue to work just fine). Additionally it supports the iConnectMIDI4+ as well as the iConnectMIDI2+. I personally was only able to test it with the iConnectMidi4+ and would be glad about feedback for other devices. Here's a link to the Apple beta test: https://testflight.apple.com/join/ipk5ecLA
  • reConfig4Audio was missing the "Configuration" menu entry. This was added in the latest beta.
  • I have been away for a while. 
    Thanks so much @mabu4ch for your contributions. It is hopeful that you see value in developing a better iconnectivity experience on ios. I downloaded the beta through test flight and will give it a spin!
  • mabu4ch said:
    Wow! Excellent! Looks like everything's there but the audio mixer, correct?  Not a deal breaker.  Ability to save and restore presets is huge.  Thanks!
  • Hi. There is now also a reincarnation of the iConfig4Audio iOS Software: reConfig4Audio
    It supports iConnectAUDIO4+/2+ as well as the iConnectMIDI4+/2+ variations. As I don't have a iConnectAUDIO4+ to test I cannot guarantee anything but since it is free you might just give it a try.
  • @mabu4ch - Looks like the reConfig4Audio routes audio without issue on my Audio 4C. Looks like there is a bug when saving/loading configurations, however. Configurations appear to save but are not listed when trying to load. If there is a better place to report this (github repo?), let me know.
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