Prophet 6 – Local Keyboard Off only routing using MioXL – help please!

Hey everyone,

I have a Prophet 6 (wonderful synth - difficult MIDI) connected to a Squarp Pyramid via MioXL. Unfortunately, the Prophet’s Local Off mode is all or nothing, and I’d like to create a routing whereby Prophet 6 is set to Local Off, notes are forwarded to the Pyramid, and Controll Changes are only forwarded back to itself so that the Prophet’s panel still works even though it's in local off mode.

I’ve followed the suggestions in the below thread over at the Squarp Forum…

In Auricle X I’ve set up what I believe is the routing as mentioned above where P6 is sent back to itself, however when I then apply MIDI filtering to the Pyramid, the control panel on the P6 stops working – implying that the P6 isn’t looped to itself and is still only going through the Pyramid (despite being routed to Pyramid and itself in the software - please see screen shot).

Is there something I’m missing, and what settings do other users apply to achieve this?

I hope the above makes sense, and thanks in advance for any advice!


  • Thinking through this problem again the only other solution I'd see if the virtual routing to get the Prophet to route Control Changes back to itself won't work would be to use DIN2 (for example) on the MioXL, patch between the IN and OUT of DIN2 with a physical MIDI cable and only send Control Change messages back to/from the Prophet via DIN 2, while using the Pyramid on DIN1 to handle the note data.

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    Hi Ali
    Just to be sure what you want to achieve:
    Playing keyboard keys should not trigger sounds on your P6 unless you "activate" the P6 via your Pyramid!?
    Turning knobs on your P6 should be applied to your P6 in any case and should never be processed in your Pyramid!?
    If possible pitch- and mod-wheel should have the same trigger behaviour as using the keyboard keys!?

    Is this correct?

    Try to break down your your goal into small parts.
    Try to find out if P6 USB- and DIN-MIDI works simultaneously. Case yes, it can be an advantage to reach your goal.
    Pretty sure you already know that: When applying MIDI fIlters don't confuse input with output in Auracle. Its always from mioXL's point of view. P6's output is an input on the mioXL. @tsho08 consider to add this hint within auracle's filter section

    Having the P6 in Local Off mode without any midi wires and playing keys does not produce any sound, right?
    Is it possible to get the P6 acting "normal" when you plug a DIN midi cable from P6 midi OUT to P6 midi IN?

    Some time ago i had a similar scenario but the midi signal flow resulted in an endless loop.
    Luckily i was able to find the setting "soft thru: Off" on this device (Roland System-8).
    Maybe i find some time to rebuild your scenario with my Prophet-08 which i haven't used for years.

  • Hey bobleeswagger,

    Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts - Your prompts got me a bit further along!

    I’ll explain below in case it helps others…

    What I wanted to achieve was getting the Prophet to behave as if it had a local keyboard off function (which it doesn’t). The reason I wanted to do this is because when it’s in local on mode connected in and out of the Pyramid via MioXL there was a midi loop causing double triggers (basically cutting the Prophet 6 down to a Prophet 3). I could activate the MIDI Echo Off feature of the Pyramid but this would mean that I couldn’t play the Pyramid’s excellent MIDI effects with the Prophet Keyboard. On the other hand, if I switched the Prophet 6 into local off (full off, the only option) the control panel becomes unusable and buggy as the Prophet works best in NRPN (which the Pyramid doesn’t handle). 

    My solution was going to be borrowing from the Squarp Forum above where users were trying to set up the Prophet as a MIDI keyboard to use with multiple synths (and just route notes back to the Prophet always). I could get everything to work except for using the MioXL to route the P6’s control panel back to itself using the software.

    I could get it to work today by using an extra DIN MIDI set to handle the CC’s while USB handled the notes (This is thanks to your advice!!). It’s strange I couldn’t get the internal/software routing to work and I’m wondering if the difference is that I’m using MioXL with Auracle, while others who have seemed to get it to work have been using older Mio’s with iConfig. Or it could be that I'm just doing something wrong...

    In any case, I lodged a support ticked and have been told that they will soon send through a different solution that will enable the internal routing so I’ll post that when they send it through in case it’s useful to others. 

    Thanks again for taking the time to assist!



    P.S. Agree on the naming of Input / Output in the filtering section of the software – It might be easier to understand right off the bat if it was called something like “Midi to” / ‘Midi from”.

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