Hello, my setup should be 2 computers (master & spare) running Ableton or QLAB, 1x APC AKAI, 1x mixing console with user keys. My first question is that I need real DIN plug for the mixing console and all the sends to lighting console, etc...Can someone confirm that I can build a kind of midi bridge between the Audioplay12 and the MioXM, maybe with RTP?
My second point is that I need my APC to show my clips color when running Ableton, I know that it does not when I plug it into a USB host to midi din plug, it works but there's no lights in pads... Did someone ever try the AudioPlay12 with an APC or mini APC plugged into the usb host? or maybe directly plugged into the main computer?
thanks for your answers!!!


  • This all is possible the way you hope.
    The mioXM can connect to the PlayAUDIO12 over RTP and the APC40 MKII will work in the host port to give light feedback. 
    Here's a little video I did for someone of connecting a PA12 and mioXM together.

    Also I have a video for setting up your LaunchPad with our gear but this is the same process for your APC.
    The APC may show multiple ports in the host reservation. I can't remember now but you may need to use port 2 and not port 1.

  • Thanks very much it's really helpful, a little bit late to answer I m sorry about that....

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