All Midi inputs have a number at the beginning of the name. Can I delete this?

Hey guys
So I just bought my mioXL and so far it works great. At the beginning I was unable to update the firmware but after I installed an older version of Auracel it worked. Now I'm on the newest Auracel verion (1.8.3).

My question: All my midi inputs and outputs on my computer are named like this: "Number" - "Input name". 

Is there a way to delete this number, so I only see the name (in my case the 4)? I recognized the number corresponds to how often I installed Auracel. And it's not only named in ableton this way, also in Cubase. It also changes from computer to computer, on my laptop the number is different. I already un-installed and installed Auracel (hence why my number is already at 4). I also deleted all remaining folders after uninstalling auracel and drivers. But the number remains.

I know it's really unnecessary and the number doesn't matter. But maybe it's really easy, and it would look more beautiful that was.


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