All Midi inputs have a number at the beginning of the name. Can I delete this?

Hey guys
So I just bought my mioXL and so far it works great. At the beginning I was unable to update the firmware but after I installed an older version of Auracel it worked. Now I'm on the newest Auracel verion (1.8.3).

My question: All my midi inputs and outputs on my computer are named like this: "Number" - "Input name". 

Is there a way to delete this number, so I only see the name (in my case the 4)? I recognized the number corresponds to how often I installed Auracel. And it's not only named in ableton this way, also in Cubase. It also changes from computer to computer, on my laptop the number is different. I already un-installed and installed Auracel (hence why my number is already at 4). I also deleted all remaining folders after uninstalling auracel and drivers. But the number remains.

I know it's really unnecessary and the number doesn't matter. But maybe it's really easy, and it would look more beautiful that was.



  • I'd have to look into this more. I believe this is something Windows is doing by giving it a number every time it rescans the device. 
    My guess is there is probably some type of cache that can be cleared for installed products and if that could be found and removed and have the computer think it's the first ever time it was attached then it would not show the number.
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