Do computer specs, processors or the OS matter to use PlayAUDIO12 to run two computers live?

 I want to run two computers synchronized next to each other using PlayAUDIO12 for redundancy, does the specs and OS of the computers matter? For example, can i use a laptop with a ryzen chip and high specs scynchronized with an old laptop with intel chip? Or even maybe a macbook pro with M1 chip and OSX synchronized with the same old laptop with intel chip and Windows? Does it really matter? Do they have to be identical?


  • The specs can matter as well as OS. I would recommend testing the setup. 
    The main reason it matters is because you would not want to have a second computer lagging behind from the initial trigger and then have a switchover and the audio is behind. That would mess up your band and not go over so well in a live performance. 
    I've used a 2018 Mac mini and a modified 2012 Mac mini and they run well together but that's mostly for strict audio. The bigger issues will come if you run lots of plugins or VSTs where a loading issue could play into the situation.

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