AUDIO4c vs. iConnectAUDIO4+

I am happy to see the AUDIO4c. Thanks iConnectivity!  Glad to see this product has been continued in an upgraded form.  

Looks like it is very similar to the iConnectAUDIO4+ in architecture, but with some nice improvements.  I am curious exactly what is different between the two.  Here is the list I gleaned from the marketing materials.
  • USB-C ports instead of USB2.0 for host connections.  But should function the same for older USB devices. 
  • Higher charge current (15W vs. approx 10W for the A4+).  Is that only on one, or both ports?  The A4+ was 2.1A on one host port, and 0.5A on the other and you had to make sure which was which I believe. On the A4c, the 15W label is placed over one of the 2 ports, maybe implying that only that port should be used to charge an iPad, for example. 
  • On the A4C, all 4 inputs are the same (Mic, HiZ, and Line input). This is similar to the A4+ REV 2 hardware whereas the A4+ REV 1 hardware had only 2 Mic/HiZ and 2 Mic/Line inputs.  This is a big improvement not mentioned in the marketing material. Seems very few A4+ REV 2 units were sold. I have one.  So another reason to be glad for the release of the A4c.  
  • The A4c has Phantom Voltage safe outputs. iConnectivity support told me the A4+ REV 2 hardware also has phantom safe outputs, but not the REV 1 hardware.
  • Is the A4c compatible with iConfig?  I know work continues to bring all iConfig features into Auracle for X-Series, but in the mean time, the better functionality in iConfig is highly desired for the A4c.  I am referring mostly to the audio routing matrix.  
  • There is no mention of number of virtual audio paths possible between the two host ports.  I assume this is the same between the A4c and the A4+.
  • The name, iConnectivity AUIDIO4c is much easier to say to people when recommending this product vs. the previous name, iConnectivity iConnectAUIDIO4+.  Thanks!
Note, the A4+ REV 2 can be identified because it has the inputs numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, whereas the REV 1 hardware is marked MIC/HiZ for inputs 1 and 2, and MIC/LINE for inputs 3 and 4.  Also, in the software (iConfig or Auracle ) will show the hardware as version 2.  

For a future product, I would love to see the equivalent of an Audio8c, or perhaps a A4c with an ADAT port to add a common 8 port in/out analog interface.  But I assume both would require a significant upgrade in the digital circuit to handle the extra bandwidth of all those ports.


  • Great questions! I also want to know if the audio4c can power the ipads
  • Yes, the AUDIO 4C can power an iPad.  The older iConnectAUDIO4 had one port that could power 2.1A, which is the standard for a  Lightening port iPad.  The AUDIO4c has a 15W port and that is more like 3A at 5V.  So it can power and charge an iPad, and that is compatible with both the Lightning and USB-C iPads.  My comment was wondering if the AUIDIO4C provides 15W on each USB connector, or only the one that is marked with 15W over the connector.  I assume it is 15W only on the one connector, not both.  
  • @MLohmeyer I cannot figure out how to power my ipad and use audio-midi at the same time with my ipad (2020). I always need the camera connection kit which is a cable nightmare to use it as an audio interface.
    Please help if you can
    Thank you,
  • The AUDIO4c provides power on only 1 USB port (USB port 2).
  • @christoph ;  Are you talking about when using an iConnectivity AUDIO4c or iConnectAUDIO4+?  For the A4+, you should have gotten a special cable that allows the A4+ to both provide power as well as a USB connection to the audio interface.  If you didn't get that cable, you can use any normal USB-B to USB-A cable, and the Apple Camera Connection Kit.  It looks like for the A4c, you get a USB-C to USB-A adapter in the box.  In which case, again, you must use the Apple Camera Connection Kit.  But I don't have a A4c, so I can't confirm that.  The manual says to connect to a Lightning iPad or iPhone, though, you need a Camera Connection Kit.  So it appears the special USB cable provided with the previous generation A4+ is no longer provided.  

    I wonder, though, can you use the older A4+ USB-A to Lightning cable with the USB-C to USB-A adapter provided with the A4c to get power and USB data without having to use the Camera Connection Kit.  I think iConnectivity still sells the older USB to lightning cable.  But I would confirm that with iConnectivity first before trying. 
  • @MLohmeyer - thx for your answer -  I'm using the Audio4c. Sadly it seems that licenses have to be paid (from the manufacturing company) when you want to sell a device that should charge lightning devices while using also audio and midi. So for my case - to connect with only one cable - I'm screwed. :( I haven't tried the Usb-c to usbA to lightning combination yet because this cable costs 40€ and its also 2 adapters which is something i wantz to avoid.
    I'm kinda disappointed with this but at the moment I'm transferring 8 Channels of Ipad Synths directly to my daws and it works like a charm. I don't get along with the auracle mixer and still use the older iconnectivity tool on mac or ios to patch my audio lines.  hopefully the audio patchbay also comes to the new audio4c and also the ability to charge my ipad - fingers crossed for a firmware update. :)

  • the best connection option it USB-C to A adapter with the AUDIO4c and then into Apple's Camera connection kit.
    Then you have the option to connect power to that as well if you need.
    If Apple would finally make up it's mind and go to USB-C it would be a lot easier on everyone.
    There are many proposed adds and changes for Auracle X in the future so keep an eye on that going forward. You may see one you like.

  • In the online videos the 4+ shows 6i/o for ipad, but the 4c only shows 4i/o - can someone clarify this and if the 4+ does indeed have 2 more  i/o than the 4c?

    I have multiple aggregated audio interfaces on my Mac to accommodate my hardware synths, but want better midi control. Does anyone use the 4+/4c alone or alongside a MioXM/L and wondered if this is good method for controlling a hardware set up for DAW-less jamming in MTC etc?

    Many thanks Neale 
  • There is no more I/O on the 4+ vs the 4C. They are almost the exact same units. 
    Differences are the USB-C ports vs USB-B. The power delievery over USB connection. That's mostly it.
    In PLAY mode you can have 6 separate outputs without issue. Check the video below for that setup.

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