Auracle 1.8.4 - Routing Page Issue

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Hi, Just purchased Mio XL, went to update to 1.3.2 firmware from 1.3.1 with Auracle on Windows, but as feature is disabled it advised to downgrade to Auracle 1.8.1, so I proceeded and updated firmware, then I started setting up the device.  However now when I update the Auracle software to v1.8.4 the routing page appears corrupted; in that all sources are appearing enabled for all destinations, additionally there is no way to adjust these as the 'clear all' button does nothing, and the bin icon that should exist next to each destination does not exist, but instead it is replaced with the edit name icon.  This is the same on both Auracle 1.8.4 for mac and windows.   My guess is there is some corruption when loading presets made by Auracle 1.8.1.   Please can you investigate this and advise as in leiu of any exporting / importing ability of presets to backup files, i'm now stuck using the older version of Auracle 1.8.1 as I dont want to have to factory reset and lose all my settings.

Adittionally as a future software update, please add:
1. Export / Import settings to / from file capability.
2. On 'Filter' matrix a 'select all' button to go with 'clear all'.


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    Ignore my stupidity, i've just gone in to take some photos and I can now see its a different style of selection, where all objects are shown, and we highlight them to enable them, 🤔 not sure I prefer this to the previous design but: at least its not a bug 😉

    Also see the 'ALL' on the filter matrix horizontal axis, that will help with RSI related clicking immensely, still a 'enable all' button would be appreciated also, together with the export of settings as a must please.

    But so far - awesome bit of kit, previously using MTP-AVs, and the one thing I miss is the visual connection map in clockworks, somthing like this would be nice in a future update, even if it were just a visual opposed to being dynamic shown on the device home page.
  • Rough mock up of the visual connecton map (nice to have) appreciate I dont list RTP ones here.

  • Sorry for the confusion. We requested the software team not make us click the dropdown menus every time to add more routings. So they decided to show all options and click to highlight blue for a routing add. This saves the CPU and speed of loading a dropdown menu at all.
    Glad you figured that out.
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