Protools MAC <-> Playaudio12/Audio4c

hi newbie here.
i'm trying to help a client out .  He bought 2 new macbook pro in the beginning of 2020
for use on a world tour. and i built a nice backtrack/processing system with one PlayAudio12
and Audio4c. The client is using ProTools och the mentioned Macbooks. But after testing
other computers and various versions it didnt work and they had to change for another brand.
My question is: has there / is there a problem with the iConnectivity and Protools ? 
Thanx in advance 
Magnus, Scekab , Sweden


  • Nope. We have hundreds of live artists using the PlayAUDIO12 and AUDIO4c on tours. 
    Our LifeSine plugin to arm auto failover doesn't work because Pro Tools hasn't allowed it in BUT you can use any tone for that.
    Pro Tools actually has a tone generator tool in it. Just set it to ch. 13.
    Pro Tools has 1 MAJOR positive that most DAWs don't have and that is the JamSync option to be able to sync to sessions together nd if one fails the other continues with the clock. Normally in other DAWs when the Master fails the Backup stops playback but PT doesn't do that.
    Old article on doing that. You can do the same routing in our newer Auracle X software.
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