Front Panel on Playaudio 12

Hello all, I've been searching for a simple answer on this and can't find exactly what I'm looking for. I read through the manual, but didn't feel that it fully explained this. I'm trying to figure out what exactly the touch buttons on the front of the interface do. I understand what the Scene A/Scene B button does and the Volume/Gain button, but I'm confused on the stereo pair buttons. Do they simply turn the outputs on and off? Thank you in advance for any help on this!


  • They do not turn off or on the outputs. That are selected to tell you which outputs you are affecting when turning the knob for volume/gain.

    Orange = stereo pair (ex. 1&2)
    Green = Odd # channels (ex. 1)
    Red=  Even# ch. (Ex 2)

    You can select mutiple at the same time and time the knob to increas/decrease the volumes on those outputs.

    Hopefully that helps.
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