mioXL and mio10 - problem with USB devices

Are you not considering the production of devices in the future that would have 16, 20 or 22 ports, but only DIN connectors with conversion to RTP? After all, DIN is still the best working connection and problematic external USB converters and USB HUBs would not have to be purchased...

Unfortunately, even in mioXL the USB ports do not work properly, when the device is switched off and then on, the connection is lost. The USB converter must always be removed from the INPUT port of the synth (sometimes it is also necessary to remove the OUT connector), then remove the USB plug from the mioXL, then insert it back and reconnect the INPUT (OUTPUT) to the synth.

We have this same problem with 4 pieces of mio10 and now also with mioXL. 50 pieces of USB converters of three different brands (see below) are used in 4 pieces of 10 port HUBs for mio10 (we also tried 4 port and 7 port), unfortunately the problem persists.

If mio10 or mioXL does not shut down, the connection will last a longer time, but sometimes it happens that when you turn on the synth, the connection is broken and not re-established, even after restarting mio10 or mioXL and you have to do the cable procedure again.
Thanks for the info.
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