PlayAUDIO12 - I'm Thinking of buying one but?

Hi all. I'm thinking of getting on board and buying a unit. I'd like to use it solely as like it's a sampler/sound module and using Virtual Instruments, triggered from a sequencer the same as I would trigger my samplers and synths etc. and hear it across my console all together. I can't find much about the amount of latency introduced when midi triggered to audio output to match up with analog gear at the same time. I'm also wondering what's the most stable DAW/Mac/PC the PA12 likes to work with from user experiences...  ? Sorry for the newbie questions.. Thanks. 


  • I'm not completely following your setup want here but originally the PlayAUDIO12 was created to control multiple computers running virtual synths and softwares in a live scenario. That change as the main function but it's still definitely an option. I like Ableton the best with PlayAUDIO12 because Ableton has the quickest audio when you hit play. Logic cuts all audio and MIDI for too long when you hit play. I like Mac better because you don't need any drivers and the builtin audio/MIDI on Mac is 1000% time better than on Windows.

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