USB Audio + MIDI Interface - looking for advice!

Hi folks, I'm looking for some advice about USB audio interfaces - I work mostly in Ableton (on Windows for now) but I've recently been really impressed by some of the things you can do on an iPad and I'm keen to integrate it into my setup. I've got one of the USB-C Pros.

Basically, I'm looking for a USB audio interface that will let me send & receive midi & audio between my PC and iPad. For instance I want to be able to send midi from a clip in Ableton to AUM or a synth on my iPad, and then route the iPad's audio back to the PC.


  • Sounds like you want an AUDIO4c from your post.
    You could connect to your Windows comp and an iPad at the same time. Take audio in (4 ins) and out (6 outs).
    Also the AUDIO4c has a pair of DIN MIDI connectors and a USB-A host port to connect up to 8 USB MIDI controllers into.
    All the MIDI gear can but to both iPad and Windows machines and you can even send audio and MIDI between the two.
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