Using an iConnectivity Midi4+ with an ipad..

So, I have a setup with 3 synths and 1 iPad, which I use mostly offline, so everything is connected to an iConnect Midi4+, and we are all good, except that the only way I have to get the audio from the iPad is to get it from the headphone out.

Is there a way to get audio through USB without a DAW and without use the headphone out? I can connect my iPad to my synth and get the audio from the usb cable, so I would assume I can do the same also from the Midi4+?


  • You could deactivate the audio side of the MIDI4+ so it doesn't try and take the audio. This can be done in iConfig on the audio info tab. There are checkboxes by the USB ports on the bottom half of the page.
    I would then connect a USB hub with an audio interface connected OR some type of audio out port.

    You cannot send audio from a synth on the USB cable. You'll want an audio interface/mixer to bring in the audio.
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