Iconnectivity mio10 or Motu midi express 128

Hi Im looking for a midi routing device for all my synths and drum machine, and see both these devices are available in Australia and are roughly the same price. At the moment Im tending to go for the iconnectivity but would like some other opinions as Ive heard some stories that the iconnectivity has issues with Win10.

Any info would be greatly received.


  • Honestly, every company has some issues with MIDI on Windows because if we are class compliant we will use Microsoft's MIDI driver which only allows access to the MIDI device from one program/process at a time.
    After saying this, iConnectivity has created a driver that has extra MIDI ports in it so that you can access multiple at a time.
    Our new Auracle X software 1.8.8 works great on Windows 10.
    You can use any of our interface with that software. 
    Note: the mio10 is a previous gen interface, though we still support it. the current generation product in it's place is the mioXL.
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