8-input live failover setup

Hi folks,
Looking for some suggestions on setting up a live failover system that takes 8 audio inputs plus MIDI. Planning on using the PlayAudio12 as the output but I'm not sure if it's better to have an analog splitter pointed at two 8-input devices (one attached to each computer) or use two AUDIO4c connect to each laptop, then output to the PlayAudio12. The use case is that there's a reasonable amount of looping and digital processing and it's a not a pure playback scenario. 


  • It's your call and testing each option might be worth while. I've seen many aggregates setup for multiple AUDIO4+/c and some PA12s together. Seems to work well for them.
  • Thanks. I'm tempted to wait out a 8x8 solution from iConnectivity, there isn't a pressing time limit on this, it's my brother and I trying to figure out a live setup. We're concerned about redundancy with the main instrument, a Warbl playing various kinds of bagpipes. Real pipes are hard to mic, never the right volume for the space that you're in (inside or out) and make continuous sound, so any breakups in playback will be audible. Even for relatively casual gigs (which is probably all we'll ever do) the need for needing a redundant rig is quite pressing. 
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