Can I connect a MD-BT01 to mioXL?

I’m about to buy a mioXL but I want to know if I can connect a MD-BT01 have it work with my iPad? That is even without my Mac on?


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    I own both a bunch of Yamaha Bluetooth adapters and a MioXM. 
    If your goal is to wirelessly connect your iPad to the MioXL, there may be a better way. I suggest you look for the post explaining how to connect the MioXL directly to your iPad over WiFi or Ethernet. I am using it that way with excellent results, and I’m sure less latency and without the need to load the Yamaha BT app to initiate the connection. 

    From a support response Travis sent me:
    You will need to take one of the RSV ports (RSV1, RSV2, RSV3) and renaming/reroute to the RTP ports.

    Video about renaming and rerouting in Auracle X
    I found this completely effective. 

    I suggest you send a request to asking how to enable a Bonjour connection between the iPad and the MioXL. 

    In case Travis doesn’t mention it, I found that sometimes I have to disable, then re-enable WiFi on the iPad to activate the connection. Once it’s up, I’ve found this to be very reliable. 
  • You are correct @DovJ I definitely like to connect everything as direct and wired as possible.
    The Wifi thin I've noticed before. I'm not sure what Apple is doing in the background on that. I'm guessing it flips on sleep, lock out and/or shut down/restart.
  • Correcting my prior post. I also have everything connected wired. I disable WiFi on my iPad when the connection doesn’t happen. RTP Midi then flows quite reliably through the wired network. 

    If, for some reason, I need WiFi, I re-enable it on the iPad. The RTP Midi connection stays up and reliable, even so. I assume it’s still going over the wired network. 
  • So your final suggestion is to connect my iPad over Ethernet to the mioXL because else it will disconnect when idle? I also own a iRig MIDI connector. Maybe that’s a good option as well?
  • I am suggesting you connect your iPad over Ethernet to the MioXM/L because it’s reliable, low latency and requires no extra equipment. 
    If you are already using a “dongle” on your iPad (as I am) for charging, wired Ethernet and USB audio/midi, you have all the hardware needed in place. 

    Less is more…
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