Redundant Playback with PlayAudio12 and Audio4c system

Hello, I just bought  PlayAudio12 and Audio4c in hope to use them together as a redundant system with both outputs and inputs. My problem is that I can only use one of them at the same time, either PlayAudio12 or Audio4c. I don`t get the inputs from Audio4c when using I'm using PlayAudio12.
I followed the iConnectivity blog about how to add inputs, but can`t get it to work.
Am I doing something wrong. Can someone guide me, step by step, to how to set this up.

My system
PC, windows 10


  • It's different on Windows because Windows doesn't have the same audio setup like Mac's do. 
    There isn't any great ways of doing this on Windows. The only way is if you use ASIO4ALL to "aggregate" the device together but it's not the same as being able to select them separately like on Mac and isn't as good as the aggregate options built in on Mac either.
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