mio with DIN connectors?

Hi, even though the mio works great, the USB inputs don't work well, they make the price more expensive and the length of the cable may sometimes not be enough ... aren't you thinking of making a mio, but with 20 DIN connectors, for example?
Thank you.


  • We have the larger mioXL with 8 DIN in and 12 DIN out. We also like the USB connections as that is how most newer controllers and synths are connected. Some keyboards don't even have DIN connections anymore.
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    I understand and understand... but USB will never be as good as DIN and it doesn't always work reliably, and longer distances can't be achieved. It's just a nuisance, while DIN is solid and will definitely be present in the tools for a long time to come. USB is also very prone to dropping out, and if all USB converters are the same, it's hard to find out where a tool is - USB has to plug in one at a time. And if I need to upload new firmware to the tool, I still have to remove the USB again and then put it back, which is pretty annoying. And a lot of new tools in mio don't even work directly. We have 7x mio and it was very difficult to figure out how to connect everything (USB vs DIN), while if it was just DIN, it would be easy to connect. It's a great device, RTP works great, but USB is the way to hell...
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