MioXL Issue w/ Waldorf Blofeld KB via USB vs Midi

Hi folks, I've just finished connecting all my Midi gear to the MioXL and am very happy with how the routing and filtering works. Just one (tiny?) issue:
When connecting the Blofeld Keyboard via Midi and "Local Off" I can successfully send notes and CC back to it with the appropriate routing. However, when using USB, the notes are received by the Interface (and the connected Mac) but the Interface itself doesn't route them back to the Blofeld, no matter what I do. I can send notes to the Blofeld via a KeyStep (that's also connected to the MioXL) or route Midi data back via my Mac. So the return path via USB clearly seems to work in principle. I can also create a monkey loop by configuring the mioXL to route Midi from the Blofeld to another Midi device with a Thru port and then route that back to the Blofeld using a Midi cable. But that's totally nuts…
Unfortunately I don't have another USB Midi capable device with local off to test whether this is Blofeld specific or mioXL just doesn't loop data back via USB even if asked to do so. Any advice?


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