MIDI Clock stability on RTP MIDI ?

edited November 2021 in MIDI
My setup: ERM Multiclock sending MIDI Clock into mioXL #1 via a DIN connection. Auracle sets up 3 separate RTP MIDI sessions  to distribute that clock to mioXL #2, mioXL #3 and mioXL #4.  They all receive the MIDI clock over their  RTP MIDI session.
The problem I'm experiencing is that the clock is not consistent: I can hear 'skips' and fluctuations in the tempo. 

To eliminate any issues caused by other network traffic on my home network/lan I have setup a network with only the 4 mioXL devices and a Mac (so that I can run Auracle). I've restarted each mioXL and the Mac before starting and I'm running a simple 100bpm clock driving a couple of drum machines and some monosynths running single note arpeggios.

I can hear the clock causing random skips and slowdowns on devices receiving the RTP MIDI clock sessions. The Behringer RD-8 is one of the devices and the display shows the bpm changing by several bpm at random times. I know this display is not a reliable indicator of bpm but the visual 'approximation' of the bpm changes by several bpm.

Question: is there anything else I should try to get a stable MIDI Clock over RTP ? Is this something that should be working or am I pushing beyond the RTP MIDI spec/capability?


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