Using ports 9-12

Hello. I just bought my Mio XL, and haven't found any info here on how to use the older DIN ports 9-12. I don't know why assigning these isn't a part of the auricle software, which only lists 1-8. How do I get control of these other ports? 


  • TLDR: Look at option 3) near the end :smile:

    Info on this is a little hard to find. Got me at first as well. IIRC, by default the device is configured to route 8 DIN ports and 8 USB ports to the Mac/PC. That's because the standard Midi drivers only support 16 In/Out ports per device. To use DIN Out ports 9-12 on your computer, simply change the routing in Auracle. On the left choose a free port in the "Device Port" section and select DIN 9 for example. IMO things become much clearer once you have named all ports according to the connected devices. If you haven't done so already.

    What can easily be overlooked (happened to me at least), is that you really cannot access all 22 possible ports independently via Core Midi (or the PC equivalent). If you need access from your DAW as well, you basically have three options:
    1) look into RTP
    2) You might be able to work around it by daisy chaining a few of your instruments via DIN Thru. Which works just fine for me. Also, even though you may not be able to access every single port from your computer you can still route Midi data internally on the MioXL. Which leads to 3)
    3) To continue from the example in the first paragraph. Choose a free port in the "Device Port" section, select DIN ports 9 and 10 (and any others you need) in the "Destination" section. Make sure the instruments connected to those ports listen to different Midi channels. Name the device port to reflect all selected instruments or whatever helps you remember what's happening later on.

    Hope that wasn't too confusing… Cheers
  • This is the exact right answer above.
    To add here's a video and renaming and rerouting some USB DAW/Device ports if you wish to use option 3.

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