MioXM with MOTU Midi Express 128

edited November 2021 in MIDI
I have a MOTU Midi Express 128, which only works if you connect it via usb to a pc. It was a spontaneous (second hand) purchase which I've regretted ever since, as I enjoy jamming without a pc. If I buy a MioXM, can I connect the MOTU to one of the USB ports and use it that way?
If not, I'll have to go with MioXL.


  • I highly doubt the MOTU will connect to the USB-A host ports on the mioXM. Those ports have 2 rules
    1) Must be USB class compliant
    2) only passes SysEx/MIDI data.
    If it follows those rules, then it might work.
    I believe the MOTU has drivers making it not class compliant.
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