PlayAUDIO 12 pre-purchase questions

Hello, I am thinking to buy the PlayAUDIO 12 but first I'd like to be sure about these things that may be obvious to you, but not to me as I didn't find any clear statement in the on-line manual:
1. Can I record music from my iPad in multitrack simultaneously in a Windows PC DAW ?
Every instruments I play in AUM on the iPad, recorded on a different DAW stereo track.
2. Is it class compliant? 
3. Does it work with AKAI hardware like the MPC ONE ?



  • 1. This sounds a bit questionable but it's somewhat possible. You could technically change settings in iConfig to have more even number of inputs and outputs on both the computer and iPad and send audio between them. Our AUDIO4+ and AUDIO4c do this the best.

    2) Yes. We do offer a driver on Windows because class compliant means it will take the Microsoft driver on Windows and that driver only allows a single instance of a device to be accessed at a time so you can't open multiple softwares. Our driver is multiclient so you can open multiple processes to access it.

    3) I have a lot of users who actually connect the MPC ONE to our interfaces through the host port or connect our PA12 into the MPC host ports.
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