RTP more than one session for each device

Hi everybody i just got my MIOXL which i want to connect it from the DAW and be hosted by my sequencer. and Ethernet to my computer. 
As long as every midi channel wont be recognize on ableton and the mioxL is recognize as "mio xl upb local" i need to route by RTP all my instruments physicalli connected in the mio. TO do so i followed this video http://https//www.youtube.com/watch?v=G55tfrrTcUc which is quite well explained and i dont have any issue getting my master keyboard sending RTP midi message. 
Now i tried to do the same process (initiator) for the rest of my devices in this case the following next on the list it's my ERM multiclock, on audio midi set up when i try to create a second session with bonjour name make the initiator procces on auracle, my computer doesnt create a new port were the mio xl can connect... 
any tips ? i'm missing something ?
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