Please bring back dual USB connections....

I want to echo the sentiments expressed several times in these forums:
I love the dual/triple USB connections on the MIDI4+
It's a unique feature of the early iConnectivity products, and is why I'm a customer in the first place.
It works great at home with iPads and multiple PCs.
It works great on stage when you're running a main and backup rig simultaneously.
I'm not alone in saying that rtp MIDI is NOT a substitute for the simplicity and easy configuration that the multiple USB connection provides.
On stage I want one box to do it all, with a small form factor and minimal cabling.
Please bring back dual USB connections.

ps. Auracle for X-Series is very nice, and I'm grateful that the MIDI4+ is supported.
pps. Please consider a new live-orientated interface with audio inputs as well as dual usb connection. Windows can't aggregate interfaces so those that need an audio input and run asio can't consider the PlayAUDIO12 as a purchase.


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