Need help connecting my Nektar Impact LX25+ properly to AUDIO4c with iConfig

Hi! I am having troubles connecting my Nektar controller to my AUDIO4c hub. It is a multi-port device. If I only use port 1 of the Nektar, then the keys and pads work, but the knobs on the controller don't send midi. But if I set "maximum number of ports to use on multi-port USB devices" to 2 and try to use port 2, then iConfig drops connection with the AUDIO4c. Any help/insight greatly appreciated! 


  • Are you reserving the ports in the host port?
    Have you tried reserving both port1 and port2.
    You might want to take a look into the Nektar manual. See what data is being sent to each port. You may also be able to use the editor to change where the different parts are sending. Standardly port 1 is your basic MIDI setup. You might be able to get the knob and faders to send on that port.
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