Thoughts on Networking Presonus 32S Mixer together with mioXL and Studio One Pro V5.5

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This might be well beyond the intended function and purpose of mioXL hardware, but perhaps it is still possible to link the a/n gear together - given the reported volume of currently unexplored mioXL connectivity options. As my Presonus 32S mixer (disappointingly) does not communicate MIDI to my Studio One Pro V5.5 software (that is a DAW, fully capable of all MIDI Host functions) I am wondering if I can somehow link this 32S mixer, to the mioXL Network and/or USB through-port in such a way the DAW can communicate MIDI functions - to all of MIDI device channels assigned via the mioXL, while at the same time, allowing interaction of all (Non MIDI) channel content(s) created via the 32S mixer? If not, I must revert to using my older (MIDI compatible) audio interface, when working with MIDI (input/output) to the DAW, then optionally switch to the 32S mixer when recording analog and/or other virtual instrumentation. Hopefully, the mioXL's USB function can work as an effective through-port for '32S' mixer functions, while also ensuring that ALL connected and assigned MIDI functions via the mioXL, are also recognized in real time by Studio One Pro V5.5 DAW software.  Your thoughts?


  • I don't think you'll be able to connect these two device together.
    The mioXL doesn't allow any audio data.
    The control and USB ports are likely not USB class compliant and will not follow the normal host port rules for the mioXL.
    You can try it but I'd be highly surprised, if it worked.
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