MioXM, any way to change a USB-Host to non-host?

I am trying to use MioXM with Monome Norns, and norns is also a midi host, so my issue is a host-to-host mapping.  As far as I can tell.  I am wondering if there is some sort of filtering or configuration that would allow one of the MioXM ports to just act as a device.  I basically just want recieve plain midi over usb from the Norns and send it out to other synths.  I am hoping I do not need another cable like USB ➔ DIN.


  • I don't know a lot about this product. I would imagine the best way to connect, if it can host gear, it the USB-B DAW port from the mioXM to the USB-A host ports on the monome.
    You could also use a DIN to USB cable like our mio or mioXC cables.

    The only option you really can't do is host to host (USB-A. to USB-A).

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