View mio connections in Auracle

Hello, we have 6 pieces of your device (4x mio10 and 2x mioXL). We would like to know why connections in Auracle show 3 mio10 via USB and one mio10 via RTP (see pictures). I understand mioXL where no USB cable is used, but why aren't all mio10s connected either via RTP or all via USB? Can mio10 be connected via RTP at all? (displayed in Auracle).


  • Both the mio10 and mioXL can be connect by either or both the USB DAW or RTP connections.
    Whichever connection appears to Auracle X first gets the connection type status. 
    If you don't like the RTP showing on that one you will likely get it showing via USB after closing and reopening the software.
    If you are on Windows or Mac the different connection type can be different speeds.
  • Thanks for the info, yes, it makes sense and the connection really changes in different ways. Thank you.
  • Hi, so I found that when the mio10 is connected via USB and also via ETH (in order to use an RTP connection), sometimes it happens that the mio10 connects spontaneously via RTP (this can be seen in Auracle) and in AUDIO / MIDI in The MAC disappears (turns gray), so it then disappears from the DAW settings, which is annoying because the synthesizer labels are erased. I don't remember this happening in Mojave, but it happened several times in BigSur. It is true that only DIN ports are now used, USB ports are unused and therefore RTP is not set in AUDIO / MIDI, which was the case with Mojave. Could it be fixed somehow?
    Thanks for the information.
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