mio10 hangs due to MIDI activity on USB MIDI Host

After years of flawless operation I finally hit a snag with my mio10: if MIDI events are received via the USB MIDI port during mio10 power up, the device hangs and needs a power cycle to recover. The same thing happens if the USB MIDI device is connected while receiving MIDI Events.

Here’s my setup: mio10 with latest firmware v2.2.1 and Alyseum U3-88c connected to the USB Host jack connector on the back. A synth is sending a MIDI Clock stream via Alyseum. Power on synth before mio10/Alyseum – mio10 hangs. Disconnect Alyseum, power on mio10, reconnect Alyseum – mio10 hangs.

Connecting Alyseum via a USB hub does not resolve the problem. Using another class compliant MIDI interface does not help either. However, I only tried GM5x5x5 which is also based on Ploytec technology, so it’s not clear if the problem is specific to Alyseum/Ploytec.

If no devices are sending in MIDI Events during mio10 power up or USB Host jack connection, the setup works perfectly.

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