MIDI channel to port remapping?

Hi, I've been using the MioXL for a few months now and it's working quite well. RTP-midi has been quite cool.
But more on the old-school side: I have quite a few 19" rack synths. Plugged them into dedicated ports on the MioXL.
I have a USB midi keyboard plugged into HST6, which has an easy MIDI channel switch option. I'd like my MIDI messages on channel 1 to be routed to e.g. DIN8, channel 2 to DIN9 and channel 3 to DIN10. Is this possible? It seems a very obvious feature, but I haven't been able to figure out how. Thanks a lot!


  • I would route the HST6 to go to all those ports and the channel will pass straight through to all of them but only the port that has the matching channel will be working.
    ex. HST6, when put on ch.3 would go to DIN8 and DIN9 BUT on DIN9 will do anything about it because DIN8 isn't on that channel.
  • Ah, thx ths08. So yeah, and configure those synth to listen to channel 2 / 3 instead of 1. Yeah, that'd work. Same as using a through cable then I guess :)
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    I use a BomeBox to achieve channel to port mapping (among many other things). I need this as my rig is somewhat complex and I often need to ensure midi goes to a specific port and channel. 

    At some point Travis said that we can expect something like this in a future firmware. Any idea when?
  • Yeah, I'd like to keep everything in the MioXL :) for now I'll remap all my synths... would be great if the firmware itself was hackable, or if you'd be able to script it using a language like Lua.
  • We post all our SysEx commands and information on our website if you are interested in messing about with options.
    We just had a forum user take our old iConfig software, which we posted open source and recreate it to work on iOS again. 
  • All our commands and information like that is on our manuals section of our site.
  • Hi tsh08, thank you! Yeah, the sysex docs are pretty great. But I don't think I can remap using that, correct? It became a bit more urgent for me since I picked up a Polyend tracker. But simply putting each synth on a fixed channel worked (luckily it's still less than 16 hardware synths) ;)
    PS: I really enjoy the interface, used an AMT-8 since 1999 (wow, time flies) and this is the first interface I've seen that's an actual step up since then. Having all those USB ports is a godsend (and I imagine a tiny nightmare to support)
  • Any chance it will be possible soon in the public firmware to be able to send MIDI triggers to change mioXL
  • @Randall
    You can currently change presets by sending a program change to the Preset selector port on the USB DAW connection. We have a BETA software where you can change where the Preset Selector port is and you can you a PC or CC to get the preset change.

  • Thanks Travis. Is this the same Beta software you sent me about a year ago? And that you said more recently it would be some time before it is implemented? 
  • So mioXL can’t do this very basic thing as only send a specific midi channel to a specific midi port ? I have a rack synth that cant filter midi channel so I configure it to only receive midi channel 2 through its midi cable on lets say midi port 2 on my very old midi timepiece by motu that doesnt even have usb, but I can do it in the front pannel LCD screen. I was about to buy a mioXL and came here to double ckeck not only if it can do the very basics, but if it would be easy to do. I still cant believe it, maybe I didn’t understand the original post ? This is very basic stuff guys, I must got it wrong.
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