How to connect an AUDIO4c to a PlayAUDIO12

This may sound like a stupid question but how do you connect a AUDIO4c to a PlayAUDIO12. What cable do I need? Is the PlayAUDIO12 just a way to get more outputs? Do I need 2 computors or can they both run on one computer? I don't really understand the relation ship between them. I searched the internet but could not find an answer. 


  • It depends on what you are trying to do?
    Are you looking to add inputs and use the PA12 as outputs for a system?
    1 computer or 2 being used for both?
    Connecting MIDI between the two interfaces?
    Trying to add more outputs to the current AUDIO4c 6 outs?

    Most commonly the AUDIO4c is used with the PA12 when trying to add inputs to a redundant system.
    The AUDIO4c connects to both computers and send up to 4 inputs to them live.
    Then the PA12 connects to both computers and does the output switching. 
    Often these are setup in an aggregate device on your computer(Mac).
  • Thanks for giving a better picture of how it works.
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