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Hi, we have a problem ... MacMini M1, BigSur 11.6.5 When we used 4x mio10 and 1x mioXL everything was fine, but now we have 4x mio10 (connected via USB) and 3x mioXL (connected via ETH and used via RTP) and very often the AUDIO / MIDI freezes when opened and all RTP settings and labels of the connected mio are lost. It has never done this before, but now it's very common and mostly annoying, because all RTP sessions have to be reset, and ports in the DAW are lost and device labels have to be reset. You can look at it? Isn't it a problem that there are many devices and they are already arguing with each other? How many mio devices can there actually be. We need another mioXL.
Thank you for the info.


  • I also forgot to write that after the jam, neither Auracle nor iConfig can be launched and the mio10 will flash once every few seconds.
  • So more information ... if I enter one mioXL (RTP session) in AUDIO / MIDI, then everything is fine, if I enter the second mioXL, everything is also fine, but when I enter the third mioXL, AUDIO / MIDI always freezes. And it doesn't matter in which order I enter mioXL. I try different ports, but they don't affect freezing. I also note that the first and second mioXL are HW revision 1, but the third mioXL is HW revision 2, if that has any effect. The three connected mioXLs are arguing and cannot be used. All mioXL have firmware 1.4.2.
    Is a in firmware error?
    Thanks for the information.
  • So other attempts with 3x mioXL ... on each mioXL I entered ports 1-15 and everything was fine, but when I entered another 3 ports (16 + 17 + 18), everything froze again and neither AUDIO / MIDI nor Auracle. Is it possible that mioXL can no longer catch this number of ports? After a while, the AUDIO / MIDI starts, but a message pops up stating that the MIDI server cannot be opened.
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  • Another attempt ... I tested it on iMac Late 2013 with Mojave and all 66 ports (3x mioXL after 22 RTP ports) loaded without a problem. So there may be a bug in BigSur or MacMini M1.
  • Sorry I haven't seen this until now. I would've guessed before your last comment that it might be something with the Mac OS version. Even if the interface has an issue Audio/MIDI setup does not crash very often. Any time I've seen a full failure of AMS it's been an OS issue that needed an update.
    I've seen many more ports hooked up to systems and I see that it does work on different other computers so it must be the OS.
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    I understand, but we have the latest version of BigSur 11.6.5. Does that mean it won't work under BigSur?
  • So tried in Monterey and it does there too, you don't even have to restart it, but you just have to close the application, but you can't open it anymore and the application freezes. Again, there are no more than 49 ports. So what now? to sell all mio10 and mioXL? Return to Mojave and sell the MacMini M1? The mio can only be used via USB, so the ports can be used. But it is a half-baked solution.
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