Signal Routing

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Hello.. This is my first post in the forum... hope everyone is well!
I have had both the iConnect Midi 4 and iConnect Audio for several years, but have been away from the scene for a very long time, never really got so deep into the ICA before i went away from music for a while, but now I am finally getting back into music again!
I have a question relating to signal routing, not specifically related to iConnect Audio 4 but a kind of newbie question that I am trying to fix, and hoping someone here has the answer.
I am a keyboardist, and want to utilize the iOS music software together with logic on my mac. But I also want to combine these with my real keys.
I have a SM10 Samson rack mount mixer where I make a mix of the keys, and without the ICA in the loop I hear everything just fine, plain and simple.
I am trying to integrate iCA with my mixer so that I can record the keys audio in logic, add additional tracks from logic, and then be able to listen to the final mix from my DAW on my speakers.
To complicate matters I am trying to setup a patch bay to help with all the cabling and so on.
Here is a draft of my setup.. with the connections I think may work...

I am taking the left and right mix from the SM10 mixer to Line 1 & 2 inputs on the ICA, Line 3 & 4 I anticipate can be used for vox or guitar or whatever later.
Then I was planning to take outputs 1, 2, 3 & 4 back to the desk - and this is where I feel there is a feedback problem, as the keys are already in the mix... but the new mix is coming back again with added elements from the DAW.. is this a problem?
Sorry if this is a newbie questions, but would really appreciate some inputs here ( excuse the pun)

Perhaps I am just overthinking the problem!
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