Two MioXL - How to connect the easiest way

Hi, I bought a second MioXL in order to connect all my Hardware Synth to them. How is the easiest way to connect both MioXL to my MacPro? Both via USB directly to the Mac? Is it then possible to route Synths on MioXL1 to Synth on MioXL2 without to much (network) hassle?
Thanks for your help!


  • I would want to extend this question (sorry OT) by wanting to know if this is really that simple. I like to have a second MioXM and think about how to combine them in my studio. Reason for not having a MioXL is that I want to split my setup at times for live performance.
    Thank´s in advance and sorry again for hiJack (it´s nearly the same question and underlines it ;-) )
  • So me again and I am begging for help. 
    I have two mioXM now. I initiated a network session and I am able to get 4 rtp-ports on each device show up on two sessions.
    Problem is, these ports do not show up anywhere else than in rtpMIDI and in Auracle. They connect as an initiator automatically.
    I tried to use loop MIDI for the interconnection but it says "Possibly the teVirtualMIDI-driver has not been installed".
    I searched for this and the drive is in the dedicated folder under C:\Windows\system32
    Can anyone help me please (moderator maybe)
    Any hints are very much appreciated.
  • @flonky
    I would connect both mioXL into a network switch and connect the computer as well.
    Then you can access all the ports separately on both from your computer. You can give each network sessions created a unique name to the hardware connected to the port so it's easy to understand in your DAW.
    This video may help: 

    You have things setup correctly but that teViritualMIDI driver is the show stopping issue you have.
    I had one other client who had this issue they reported back saying. This might be your reply if you contact support.
    "I 've forced teVirtualMidix64.inf on USB PnP Sound Device and RTP virtual midi ports was automatically created!

    I've discovered iCUSBAudioDriver_v5.0.0_2021-04-27_setup.exe fails at tevirtualMidix64driver installation because Windows thinks this driver isn't compatible (It is not signed) and installs generic Ms sound driver."

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