Mio 10 and the Akai MPC Key 61?

Does anyone happen to know if I can plug my Mio 10 into the Akai MPC Key 61 so it can use its MIDI ports?  I suspect not because of all the driver software it needs, but I just thought I'd check.  I have a Mio 10 and thinking about getting the Akai.


  • I've never tried it, or known anyone who has BUT if it's an MPC line product and running the same firmware like in the MPC ONE/LIVE/FORCE/etc then it should work. You would connect the USB-B DAW port from the mio10 and connect into the USB-A ports on the back of the MPC Key. 
    It looks like it's setup the same as other MPC products so I would bet it'll work, but I don't KNOW.
  • Oh, that sounds promising.  I actually went ahead and ordered one, so I'll let everybody know if and how well it works.
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