Audio4c - external control for main to backup switch?

I'd like to use the Audio4c to get stereo balanced outputs from two Mac Pros. I need a main stereo output, switched between one of the macs, and a headphones out that can be switched independently as well.
So - can I change over the mix by some other controller, since if one of the Macs were to fail, it obviously can't make the switch. I'm intending to use Companion on a Raspberry Pi (programmable control triggered from a StreamDeck) as the main controller.
I guess worst case I could pass commands through the Macs as long as they can both change the mix as needed.

Thanks! Bruce


  • It's looking as if maybe I was really looking for the PlayAudio12 product?
    I want to do main/backup switching ideally from ethernet (RTP-midi is fine).
    I only need 2 channels per computer, but independant routing of the headphones would be awesome.
    Can I do this with Audio4c or PlayAudio12?

  • The PlayAUDIO12 is the option to go with for switching. The AUDIO4c doesnot have an option to remotely switch it. You would need to redo routing in our software on the fly, which is not great for a live setting.
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