DIN Routing with PA12 & mioXM

edited August 2022 in MIDI
I have a PA12 & mioXM connected together via an ethernet switch. My laptop is connected to the PA12's USB port & I run everything in Ableton Live. Audio playback is a-okay, no issues. Not having as much luck with the MIDI however.
How do I go about routing the mioXM's DIN ports so I can utilise all of the physical In/Out ports for program changes? My current routing is as this video (DINs on RTP 1 & Hosts on RTP 2) https://youtu.be/9jUsaRNEolY but no luck when testing with my SPD-SX. Not sure if relevant but in Ableton's MIDI settings, the mioXM isn't showing, only the PA12 but in Auracle both are showing.
(I've tested all the mioXM's ports when it's directly plugged into my laptop and everything runs perfectly.)
Thanks! :)


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