USB->MIDI Adapters not reserving correctly

I have a mioXL and mioXM and a very large MIDI setup. Most of my gear is older and consequently I've run out of DIN connections and need more. I purchased some Fore USB/Midi adapters on Amazon and they work correctly on the interface USB ports, but even though I have them reserved, they get swapped around on restart. They all just show up in Auracle just as "(Port 1)." I'm assuming the problem is that because they are all the same model, the mio cannot distinguish one from the other. If I purchased another USB->MIDI from a different manufacturer, would it be identified as a different device and reserve correctly or is it just going to be seen as another generic interface and not reserve correctly?


  • What USB to MIDI adapters are you connecting?
    Can you take a screenshot of the USb host reservation page in Auracle X, with one of the port reservation dropdowns opened and post it?
    Does this happen on both the mioXM and the mioXL or just one?
  • It does something like this (see pictures). We use three (or only two) types of MIDI converters. The first converter (MIDILINK Mini) could not be used at all - when switching off the mio, the Midilink Mini did not start and the IN connector had to be manually removed from the synth to restore the connection. The second converter (Swissonic MidiConnect 2) works well, the only problem is that it seems to have two IN ports and some synths need the first connector and some synths need the second connector to connect (see picture E). In addition, the problem with the mio is that only the first 16 connections are displayed in the table (see photo Z), but this converter actually has 20 ports, so the others are not visible and must be connected one at a time. The third converter is the Thomann MIDI 1x1 alias Prodipe and it probably works the best of the three, but even with it the ports are sometimes rearranged and the correct converter has to be searched for and assigned again. DIN connectors simply work best, there is absolutely no problem there - USB is not suitable for these purposes and it is the road to hell. If someone has one/two USB converters/synths, that's probably fine, but we have seven converters and when MIDI goes out, it's really fun to put it together, that's why I appealed to iConnectivity if they want to make, for example, a 20-22 input A DIN converter that would work over the network, like RTP, which on the other hand works great (ie on MAC). That would be a powerful weapon. Trample the USB, throw it away, forget it... You can't connect some synths directly anyway, because a lot of them don't work that way, others need USB for new firmware or connect to editors, so it's useless. Just DIN, DIN, DIN - they knew why they made it :)

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