AUDIO4+ Does it work on USB HUBs on iPads, along with other devices?

I've just got a Novation LaunchKey Mini and would like to connect it via USB to my iPad, because it will only control natively Novation Apps (GrooveBox) if connected via USB to the iPad, not via the DIN MIDI Port on the Audio4+.

But the iPad lightning port already has the Audio4+ connected to it. Can I use a good USB HUB to connect both the Audio4+ and the Novation LaunchKey Mini the iPad? Would it work, or increase latency? And what about an iPad Pro USB C port? Would it work?


  • You can add a hub for both lightning or USB-C iOS devices.
    With the lightning connected iOS device you will want to use Apple USB3 Camera Connection Kit + powered USB hub. Then connect the AUDIO4+ and the keyboard to the hub.
    For the USB-C version I would use a powered USB-C hub with multiple USB-A portson it. I have a few from UGREEN through Amazon. The big thing to think about is the ability to connect power to the hubs/iOS devices.
    Haven't done a ton with the lightning side but on the USB-C you won't have any issues.
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