New mioXL owner - issue with USB device disappearing

I just picked up a mioXL to replace my aging MOTU Express 128. Everything went very well migrating all of my MIDI DIN instruments over to the ports on the XL. I measured the latency across all those instruments and they have all been reduced, which is great!

The problems began when I tried connecting my USB MIDI devices. I only have two - an Arturia Keylab mkII and an Arturia Drumbrute Impact. The Keylab takes up two ports (HST1, HST2), and the Impact takes one (HST3). I have set USB host reservations for the three, and after some initial bouncing around they have all settled into their respective ports. The issue is that the Impact (only, so far) intermittently loses its RTP connection (RTP15 to HST3, as default). Once this happens pressing the connect button does nothing - it won't reconnect. I had 0 issues with this instrument when it was connected directly to my computer, and it was actually my most reliable in terms of jitter and latency. I am using the interface in the context of Ableton Live on Windows 10 and the Impact is being slaved to its clock.

I also have an issue with the interface not showing up in Auracle reliably, but I may post that in its own thread. I'm mentioning it here on the off chance it could be related.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.


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