New MioXL owner - Issues with XL appearing in Auracle reliably

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I've just acquired a mioXL and am very excited about its capability. I installed a new network card specifically to run to the XL. I'm trying to use Auracle to manage it, but it only appears very intermittently. I also installed rtpMIDI and can see nodes in my directory whilst Auracle is still unable to see it. But, I also see those nodes disappear in rtpMIDI now and then.

I am running on WIndows 10 and have installed the  most recent firmware for the mioXL (1.4.2). I've installed both packages of Windows drivers. 

I can eventually get the mio to show up in Auracle with a combination of powering on/off the device, killing the Auracle process, rebooting, connecting/disconnecting rtpMIDI sessions, etc.. but I don't know if any of that is actually helping, or if it's just random.

Are my issues due to installing this dedicated network card and running it to the mioXL? Should I be using a switch or hub instead? Is there some kind of driver/setup I need to do on the network card?

Any help appreciated, I really want to make this work. Thanks.


  • After researching on these forums and others I have come to the conclusion that the mioXL is not fit for use with RTP-MIDI. It's a nice idea, but the interface doesn't support it reliably. I tried with both a dedicated network card and using it on a network switch. It's super flaky trying to use it this way. Once I switched over to USB all my problems went away. The interface always appears in Auracle now and the timing to my MIDI instruments is better as well. I also have no issues with USB devices automatically disconnecting from RTP.

    This unit should not have been advertised as being usable with RTP. Do not buy this unit for RTP use unless you want to be in a world of pain. However, if you don't mind using it via USB and losing 6 ports it seems to be very solid.
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