Accessing the same set of MIDI instruments from 2 Mac's

I'm trying to connect 2 Macs to my MIO XL via MIDI Network.  One computer is my main studio Logic Pro x tracking computer.  The other is a dedicated MIDI workstation. The goal is to be able to access the same midi gear from either computer.

Here's why:
+ I arrange and do pre production on the LACO midi workstation.
+ I save the Logic file to the system drive thru the network
+ I open the same Logic file on the main system to record live Vox and instruments
+ Ultimately I want to use the same midi gear on either system networked to the MIO XL

The Problem:
+ When I open the logic file on the main computer all the midi instrument mapping is broken ... 
+ When I'm recording on the main computer I don't have access to the midi gear
+ When I open Audio/Midi preferences on the main computer I don't see the MIO

Video description of what I'm trying to accomplish:

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated


  • You can definitely access all your keyboards and gear on both computers.
    I would leave the back computer connected with USB and then connect the mioXL into your network switch with your computers.
    The back computer will work straightforward over USB, as you've noticed. 
    The front computer will need some setup.
    Create a network session for each of the piece of gear you are connecting.
    Example: first session name the local name SV-1 (which will show in your DAW) then name the Bonjour Name SV-1
    Then go into Auracle X on the RTP/Network page. 
    Switch the RTP port to Initiator and add the bonjour name and hit save. This should create a connection.
    Note: Each RTP port has a default MIDI routing to and from it.
    RTP1-12 = DIN ports 1-12
    RTP13-22 = HST ports 1-10

    This video should help - 
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